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Challenges of Selfcare


  • Question 1. How can I participate without the challenge invitation by email?

    Even without the invitation received by email, you can easily participate in the challenge. If you are part of a participating team, you can accept the invitation to the challenge via the star icon on MySelfcare. This can also be done directly by using the following link:
    - In the Netherlands via
    - In Belgium via

  • Question 2. My steps do not count towards the challenge, what now?
    If your steps are not counted in the challenge, several things could be going on:
    1. No steps are received on MySelfcare
    a) When a pedometer is properly linked to Selfcare, the data source will be visible in the graph on MySelfcare, as in the example below:


Therefore, check whether the pedometer is correctly linked to Selfcare.
b) If it says after the data source that the sensor has been disconnected, as below, the advice is to pair the sensor again: how do I pair a sensor with Selfcare?


c) If the sensor is correctly paired, but zero steps are still visible in the graph, it could be that the wrong account is linked to Selfcare. This often occurs when a user has created multiple accounts with the supplier, such as two accounts with Fitbit at different email addresses. Then your graph may look like the image below: a paired sensor, but 0 steps. Therefore, make sure that the account you use yourself is also linked to Selfcare.


2. Delay in synchronizing
The entire synchronization process takes time and it can therefore take some time before steps are visible in Selfcare. As a result, it may take a while for the steps to become visible in the challenge.

3. Handmatig invoeren van stappen
Steps entered manually will not count towards the challenge. Cheating would be easy if people could enter their steps themselves ... The best thing is to link a pedometer to Selfcare: how do I link a sensor to Selfcare?


4. The invitation to the challenge was accepted after the start of the challenge
If a participant accepts the invitation to this challenge one day or days after the challenge start shot, the steps will only be counted from the moment of participation. This may explain why steps before accepting the invitation are not counted in the challenge.

If the above cases are not the case and your steps are still missing from MySelfcare, we will be happy to help you. Send an email to or chat with us via our website. You will find the chat box at the bottom right of the screen:


  • Question 3. Why is my progress email incorrect?
    The progress email is a system mailing that in this case may have been generated in Selfcare before the steps were complete. Every night Selfcare generates this email with the available data in MySelfcare. For example, if you only sync your pedometer afterwards, the progress may not be up to date. Therefore, always view the current view on your personal dashboard. If the steps here are correct, then you do not have to worry, the emails will have been designed before all the steps were in Selfcare.


  • Question 4. How do I (re) establish the connection with your employer?
    You cannot participate in a challenge if you are disconnected from your organization. Do you want to restore that connection? Please contact the internal Selfcare administrator of your organization so that you will receive a new invitation.

  • Question 5. Can I still participate in the challenge?
    To participate in the challenge after the registration date has expired, it is best to contact the internal contact person within your organization. Do not forget to provide your name, surname, e-mail address and desired team.


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