How to pair a sensor (a pedometer for example) with Selfcare?

You link a sensor to Selfcare in the following manner:

1. Log in to Selfcare and go to 'Settings'.

On your desktop:


On your smartphone:

IMG_F4BDB2480DCF-1.jpeg.   Sensor-verbinden-smartphone.jpeg

2. In 'wearables & apps' you can choose your preferred provider by clicking on the tile with the name and logo.

3. After selecting the provider, clink 'Connect device' connect_device.png

4. Read the pop-up warning and click 'next'.

5. Log on to the website of your sensor’s provider by using your credentials (don’t use your Selfcare credentials, but use your password and username of the particular provider).

6. Confirm that the data can be shared with Selfcare.

Finished! If everything went right, you’ll see the first measured data on your Selfcare dashboard within minutes.


Introduction video: Add a pedometer after registering on Selfcare

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